Free Report – Is There An UPCAT This Year 2015?
A discussion on the possibility of having an UPCAT this 2015

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Will UP Administer An UPCAT This Year? This Free Report Will Give you An Insight As We Transition Into the K-12 Implementation.
The answer to this question is very important and as of the moment… uncertain. The report aims to give students, parents, teachers and school administrators different perspectives on the issue of the UPCAT as the Philippines implement the K-12 program.
  • If UP does not administer the UPCAT, what will private high school students (those that had recalibration) do when they graduate on 2016?
  • What about the foreign students which underwent a K-12 program already?
  • On the other hand, if UP administers the UPCAT this year, who will be allowed to take?
  • Will UP allow Grade 10 students to take the UPCAT?
  • Top tier high schools are mostly public special and science high schools. It is know for a fact that these students are more than capable even after just 4 years of high school. Will the K-12 law penalize these students by not allowing them to take the UPCAT?
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