UPDATE: We are currently doing upgrades on the website. Registrations for the FREE UPCAT Review are temporarily closed.

What’s Included?

The free UPCAT review includes questions in the Compiled UPCAT Questions Volumes 1 and 2 encoded as an online quiz. Once you finish answering the questions, the test will be checked automatically and you will receive a detailed score report.

Also, the explanation for each question will also appear to help you understand the concepts behind the question. You’ll also have access to a free lesson that gives an overview of what you’ll see on the real UPCAT, as well as a peek at the strategies our students for years have been using to pass the UPCAT the Sure Way.

Why is This Important?

Your UPCAT score is a critical part (60%) of the admissions process of the University of the Philippines and it’s important to be sure it helps you get into UP, rather than hurting your chances of acceptance to the top-ranked university in the country.

This free Online UPCAT review test can help by giving you a sense of where you stand with the UPCAT. Plus, after completing it, you can review UPCAT preparation information and other UPCAT tips that can help you maximize your score.

To access the free section of the Online Review Portal, make sure that you have created an account and you have logged in.