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Comments 36

  1. Can Grade 10 students (incoming Grade 11 students for S.Y. 2016-2017) take the UPCAT?

  2. Inquire on how to pay (like bank payment) and just email me the details of documents and will just print it for him to bring on the first day of review at sacred heart academy in pasig

    my phone no 09228456397

  3. can you please provide me with scheds for review this april and may. My son is an incoming gr 10 and is interested in enrolling his senior high either at mapua or UST. Thanks

  4. Can you please send me the schedule / dates of review for April and May 2016. My daughter is an incoming freshman (college) and would like to review for UPCAT.

  5. My niece just saw this site. She was interested in the Senior Review Classes. It seems however that she’s already late for the Batch 4 classes. Just wondering if you will have another batch for Sat-Sun classes.

  6. Are there any other reviews for Ateneo or De La Salle University Senior Highschool? I am interested in enrolling for any other available reviews.

  7. Do you have any plan of opening for batch 5. Iam interested to enrol my daughter who will be taking exam for senior highschool at UST

    1. Post
    1. Post
  8. I am a parent of an incoming grade 12 student. Do you know when the UPCAT schedule is for batch 2018-2019 and how to apply for the exam? I have read that their will be revisions in the examination, do you have any idea? I also need advice on your review schedule and prices. Thank you.

    1. Post
    2. Hi! Can I have the date of the 37 Tips Workshop? The website only mentioned August 2017. Also, walk-ins are allowed, am I right? I cannot reserve a spot right now because I don’t have money allocated for it yet, so I do hope walk-ins are entertained. I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

    3. Hello po and Good Day po!I’m from the province of zambales and incoming grade 12 po this SY.I have some questions po regarding to the UPCAT.Ijust want to ask po what are the procedures before I will take the UPCAT or what is the first step po?And I read some article po that some students who will take the admission were already oriented,my question po is,is there another orientation po for students like me that was not informed?What is the schedule po ng UPCAT this year,is this once a year po?What are the requirements po for the UPCAT and how much is the payment po?I like to contact po yung UP Diliman but there’s no landline po in this province.Sorry po for a lot of questions and i hope po for the answers.I don’t know how to contact po to the email of up diliman.Thank you po and God Bless

    4. plss help me change my form 1 entry that i send online !!! hoping that u will give me a chance pls!thank you and God Bless!!!

    5. I want ur answer right now plss!! coz I time is running out! I have 3 more days left to pass it through mailing!!!

    6. hello po.. mag tatanong lang po sana ako. ma poprocess parin po ba application ko inimail ko lang po sa kanila thru LBC peru walang kasamang Self- Stamped Envelope. Panu ko po ma kukuha test permit ko po?

    7. Hi! Do you have job vacancies/opportunities for aspiring college entrance test lecturers? Thanks! (By the way, I am an ADMU alumnus and a Review Masters product!)

    8. I would like to ask before I enroll if the 37-proven tips is an online setup or a classroom setup, so that I can finalize what program I will enroll in.

    9. hi my son is scheduled for a junior high exam. in ust and no idea what kind of review method i will get for him, please help me decide. thanks

    10. Hi
      I am from Surigao City. The nearest review center to us is in Cagayan de Oro. I am wondering if you plan to open a center in Caraga region? Or if you offer review sessions on a tailored package? Do you have a package just for classroom review?

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