Here’s How You Can Pass UPCAT The Sure Way!

Imagine that you are given an opportunity to enroll in an UPCAT review program that could guarantee your slot in any UP Campus of your choice, will you say, “No, thanks – I don’t need that system. Besides, it might be very expensive to get into the system.”

If we tell you that this system will give you the commanding edge to surpass the other UPCAT hopefuls (There are around 80,000 of them!) and that it is the most affordable three-in-one (the only three-in-one, by the way) UPCAT Review Program around, would you be reconsidering your decision?

We would like to introduce to you THE system:

UPCAT Success System

We at Review Masters combined the best available UPCAT review program elements to give you a superior test preparation program. We created this system for you to succeed in the tough college entrance tests, specifically the UPCAT.

We developed a system that makes the UPCAT and other college entrance tests easy – Yes, you’ve read it right – EASY!

UPCAT Success System

The Online Review coupled with twelve volumes of Compiled UPCAT Questions and a 36-hour Virtual Classes with UP Professors plus the traditional Classroom Review (again, with UP Professors) and the highly-innovative 37 Tips Workshop shall be the complete ingredients for a successful recipe in tackling any admission test around.

Now, as much as possible, we don’t want our system to be compared with other existing review programs; but to give you an idea on what you would regret if you allow yourself to miss this golden opportunity, please take a look:


Online Review

Review at the comfort of your homes. Get access to the Online Review Portal 24/7, anytime, anywhere.


  • UPCAT Review Members’ Area
  • Virtual Classes
  • Exclusive Facebook Groups

Classroom Review

Be taught face-to-face by certified UP mentors. This 45-hour intensive class give you the chance to learn from the experts. Practice your test-taking skills and refresh your knowledge on the different test topics.


  • Certified UP Mentor
  • Assessment and Diagnostic Tests
  • Simulation Exam

37 Proven Tips Workshop

37 Proven Tips Workshop

Master test-taking like you’ve never done before. This 4-hour workshop will surely boost your scores by teaching you techniques on how to eliminate anxiety, work quickly and


  • Eliminate anxiety
  • Finish the test on time
  • Increase you IQ in a matter of days

Why do you need this review system?

Every year, the number of UPCAT takers increase. From 60,000 test takers in 2010, it has increased to 83,000 in 2014. This year, probably it will be higher than the previous years.

The competition is getting stiff. And it’s going to be tougher in the years to come.

Thus, there is really the need to fully prepare for the test. The days of preparing on your own are gone.

Sure, students can still pass without the help of a review center. I’m not denying that fact, especially if you come from a science high school or you belong to the top 3 of your class. I have witnessed students do that. Good for them.

But are you willing to take that chance?

The Review Masters UPCAT Success System gives you the edge that you need over your peers.


You may be skeptical at this point. That is why you should not just take my word for it. Let our students testify about their experience.

Successful students have used this system. Here’s what they have to say…

The success of our students is not difficult to replicate. In fact, if a student just follows the system, the likelihood of passing the entrance tests is high.

We have lots of cases wherein they are just average students in class but after taking the review, they overtook their peers in exam performance and in school in general.

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So here’s what you’re getting…


All of these are included in the complete UPCAT Success Sytem review package. Aside from these, you also get other specific benefits such as actual, physical review books, the virtual classes, consultation with mentors,

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