USTET Reconsideration 2020

by Sir Ian |

USTET reconsideration

The University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) results are out.

However, you might be one of those who did not qualify for the course you applied for. Maybe you just had one subtest score not making it to the cutoff.

Almost qualified, but just didn’t make it. Sayang.

The question now is… Is there still a chance to get accepted to UST?

What’s nice about entrance exams and the process of college admission is that even though you do not qualify, universities are still giving students opportunities to get admitted.

This process is referred to as reconsideration.

The good news is UST is offering this option to students whose scores did not quite make the cutoffs.

How to appeal for reconsideration

The process is simple for USTET reconsideration: you just need to write an appeal letter to the Dean of the college you want to apply to. In your letter, explain why you want to enter the college and why they should reconsider your case.

The dean will then evaluate your appeal and give you the details of the requirements and dates for follow-ups.

TIP: Be enthusiastic about being a Thomasian in your letter. Explain with sincerity why you want to be in UST.

Just to be sure, bring the following requirements when you submit your appeal. You’ll never know which document will come in handy when you process your appeal.

  • Letter of appeal (REQUIRED) – Prepare two (2) copies, one for the UST office and one for yourself.
  • A copy of your high school grades (just in case)
  • A copy of your USTET results (just in case)

Please take note that your chance of being admitted still depends on the availability of slots for the degree program you applied for. Remember that the qualifiers are given utmost priority for the slots.

Also, there are courses that are really popular and competition for slots for those courses is tough. So choose your degree programs carefully and manage your expectations.

Your Choice, A Different Adventure

This is where it gets tricky. UST has about 20 colleges serving about 110 undergraduate courses. And each college and course has a different cutoff score requirement and variation of the reconsideration process.

Dates and deadlines will differ per college. Also, some colleges will require a face-to-face interview before you get admitted. However, some students get lucky and go straight to enrollment after their appeal get evaluated.

The Ultimate Tip For Reconsideration

Probably the most important tip in the USTET reconsideration process is to physically inquire at the Dean’s office of your target degree program and ask them about the details of the appeal process.

They are the ones who will evaluate your appeal, right? You need to tap into their minds because they know the ins and outs of the process.

Rejected? There’s still hope.

If your appeal gets rejected, you still have another option to enter UST. Like other major universities, you can still apply for transfer if your really want to be a Thomasian. Study for one year in another school, get good grades, apply for transfer and take the exam.

Good luck!

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  1. is reconsideration in UST still ok this year 2024? what email address to use in the college of physical therapy or college of medical technology? thnk u

  2. Does UST still reconsidering appeal letter at this time and how do I know if I am approved or not?

  3. Hi! Hope all is well with the Thomasian school community.
    I would just like to ask if we need to go personally in the college dean’s office to submit our letter request for reconsideration or we can just send the letter thru email.

    Your soonest response is highly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Victor Dionisio S. Britiller
    Aspiring UST College Student

  4. I heard that UST is no longer accepting appeal letter due to CoronaVirus, is that true?
    Won’t they totally accept appeal letter for the 2020 incoming college students or will they accept it after the quarantine period?

    If ever they will accept, do you have any idea how to submit it?

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  5. Good day!

    I heard that UST is no longer accepting appeal letter due to CoronaVirus, is that true?
    Won’t they totally accept appeal letter for the 2020 incoming college students or will they accept it after the quarantine period?

    If ever they will accept, do you have any idea how to submit it?

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  6. Hi there! Just state that you would like to make an appeal about your admission. You were admitted to this course but you would like to transfer to the new course because… (state your reason). Then follow the remaining steps we have outlined in the article and you’ll be good.

    1. Are they still going to accept my appeal letter after quarantine period? It was supposed to be submitted first week of march but was postponed. Thank you for your response.

  7. My son passed the nursing entrance exam for UST. Thanks to Review masters.
    But he is considering to make an appeal to be admitted to Physical Therapy or Pharmacy instead..
    We do not know how to start the letter of reconsideration. Lol

    Please help.. Thanks

    Please withheld my name… i do not want my name to be broadcasted here. Thanks

  8. May I know the complete name of the dean of the Senior High Department? To whom we can address our reconsideration letter? Please help me my son wants to study in UST for his senior high.

    Thank you,

    Anna Liza Castro

  9. Good day

    May i know the right person to whom
    i must address letter of re consideration
    Complete name
    E-mail add
    College of Nursing

    I would like to appeal for re consideration for my nephew

    Thanku & Godbless

    Maria eliza r penos

  10. as far as i can remember, they are no longer accepting transferees. yun ang sabi samin ng registrars office nung nagpaclearance kmi ng sister ko.

  11. Hello! Until now po di pa ako nakkaareceive ng message from them nagpass po ako ng reconsideration letter ko last March pa, then they said that first week of May meron ako marereceive na text message from them pero β€˜til now wala pa. ano po ibig sabihin β€˜pag ganun?

    1. May I know the right person to whom I must address my letter of re consideration. I did not pass the USTET but really want to enroll as a Thomasian. Please can i have the name , designation , and e mail address. My preferred course is Civil Engineering and secondly is Electrical Engineering. Thank you.
      Juwan T. Rivera 09189079959

  12. Question Urgent: how many do inhave to wait for the reconsideration if it is approved or rejected ?

  13. So I am an incoming freshman qualified to the college of commerce specifically BA Marketing (my alternative program) but I really want to take BS Psychology (which is my priority program). I already reserved my slot for the program that I was qualified .

    Can I be reconsidered to my preferred college even though I am already qualified to another college?

  14. How can i contact the dean or email to send the letter of reconsideration
    Anh what is the name of the dean in architecture

  15. Hi! I am going to write Recon Letter sa UST pero di ko talaga kung pano ko sisimulan. Ano po yung mga kailangang ilagay pa sa letter aside from why I would like to enter and why should I be reconsidered?

    1. Yung pinaka-flow po ng letter would be:

      1. intro (ikaw bahala if you still want to introduce yourself or if straight ka na sa reason why you’re writing the letter — to request for an appeal regarding your application for a chance na makapasok in ___ program)

      2. body (briefly explain yung reason ba’t ‘di ka nakapasok sa priority and alternative choices mo. then, explain mo WHY UST/WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A THOMASIAN and WHY ME. dagdag mo na rin ng Catholic stuff bc UST likes that daw lol)

      3. conclu (put a brief description ano magagawa mong parang contribution if na-accept recon mo and lagay ka ng contact info) ^ the contact info would be for them to contact you if they have any further inquiries regarding sa application – El Tomasino

  16. If one of the requirements for reconsideration is ustet result i cannot show you any of that. But can you also reconsider me if i wasn’t able to take the exam from the start? I really want to take ustet. Give me a reconsideration also please.

    1. Hi Vanessa! Unfortunately, this process is for those who took the USTET. If you did not take the test, then you have to ask the Office of Admissions for an alternative admission prcedure.

    2. Good Day,
      My son applied fo reconsideration of his exam in order to get accepted in college of Engineering last January 2029, He passed the academics unfortunately failed in mental ability. We don’t know now how can we acquire the results since we are into pandemic. He really wants to be a Tomasian. He is from Don Bosco Makati. We tried some numbers to call but it seems no one yet is at work. Hope you can help me with it.

      Thanks for your consideration.

      Carmyna C. Biacora

  17. I am really interested to transfer.my daughter in your school. I hope she will be given a chance. She was not able to take the exam before we were late already when we came from Kuwait.She is presently studying in St.Louise University in Baguio as senior highschool.Grade 11
    I hope you will help us.Thank you and God bless!

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