Reconsideration, Waitlisting, Pending Case and Cut-offs for UPCAT 2018: How to Go About Them

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Pending Case, Appeals, Reconsiderations

So you've taken the UPCAT, seen the results, and got confused.

You might be one of those who got a degree program with available slot (DPWAS) as their course.

Or maybe one of those who has a pending case.

Or worse, you did not see your name on the list.

Whatever the case may be, here are some guidelines released by UP to help you out figure things about special cases like these.

The UPCAT Pending Case

The pending case refers to UPCAT Applicants with incomplete application documents.

Some of the reasons could be:

  • no proof of payment of application fee
  • no transcript
  • missing grades
  • supporting documents for applicants born outside the Philippines
  • other requirements not submitted

If you fall into the pending case category, make sure to resolve your case before the deadline. 

Deadline: Monday, May 21, 2018

Deadline for submission of required documents of Pending Cases

Some important notes:

  • If your name was originally indicated as a pending case but now no longer appears on the list, this means that your case was resolved in favor of non-qualification into any of the campuses of your choice. Your notice will soon be mailed to you c/o your school. You may also contact the UP Office of Admissions starting May 9, 2018 to check on your University Predicted Grade (UPG) as well as the options open to you.
  • If your case is resolved in favor of qualification, your name will be added to the list (though there may be a delay of 1-2 days).

Reconsiderations and Appeals

There are two groups of students who can make appeals:

1. Campus Qualifiers to a specific campus but who want to be admitted to another campus

If you are qualified in a certain campus, let's say UP DILIMAN, but you want to be admitted to UP BAGUIO or any other campus, then you can apply for an appeal.

  • Find out what the requirements are of the other campus you want to appeal to and submit these requirements;
  • The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) of the campus to which you made the appeal will make the request for your UPG to the Office of Admissions.
  • The campus OUR will inform you if you may be admitted.

Qualifiers may NOT get their UPG from the Office of Admissions

It will not be released to you.

2. Non-Qualifiers to the campuses they applied for but who have UPGs that are 2.8 or better (in the UP marking system, better means 2.79, 2.6, 2.1, 1.7, etc.)

  • First find out which campuses will be open for appeals and their schedule for appeals;
  • Pick up your Non-Qualifier’s Notice (which contains UPG information) at the Office of Admissions;
  • Present your Notice (if qualified to appeal) to the OUR of the campus where you wish to appeal;

You need an ID to pick up your NQ Notice. If a representative will pick it up for you, he/she must also have an ID & a letter of authorization from you.

  • Pick up for NQ Notices for NCR/Metro Manila at the Office of Admissions will start on May 11, 2018 and will be available only until May 18. The Office will start mailing the NQ notices to examinees c/o their school after this date.
  • Pick up for NQ Notices for other regions will soon be announced.

You only have 1 week to pick up the NQ notice at the Office of Admissions.

Take note of the release dates of the NQ notices in your area.

Here are the requirements you need for your UPG request:

  • Any ID of the examinee with photo and signature;
  • Authorization letter if the examinee has a representative making the request; and ID of the authorized representative; and any ID of the examinee (with photo and signature).

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  1. Can you still apply po for recon in the UPLB if it’s not included in your campus choice pero pasok po yung UPG?

  2. hello po i just want to ask a question if I take the TDT for Fine Arts and fail, can I still go to my non art related courses (i just passed UPCAT) Or does taking the TDT mean betting it all on one course and will disregard my other course options?

    Also how long does it take to have a result in appeal for change in degree program?

  3. Hi po! I’m an UPCAT 2020 Qualifier po. What happens po if I accepted the UPCAT Confirmation If I will not study there naman?

    1. It means that you confirm or reserve your slot. However, if you won’t study/enroll there, your slot will be forfeited and ibibigay sa iba like those who have a dpwas (degree program with available slot) status or mga maga-appeal for reconsideration.

  4. Hi, Admin. Gusto ko lang i-ask if pwede pa bang magpa-appeal for recon kapag ang UPG ay 2.591? My first and second campus choice are LB and Baguio respectively but I am unable to be admitted to any degree programs on both campuses. Possible pa kaya magpa-recon sa LB at Baguio?

  5. Good day Mam/Sir my son took the 2020 UPCAT and obtained UPG of 2.76 he is non-qualifiers for his first prefer course. Is he elligible to be admitted in UPLB taking up BS Forestry since the minimum requirement UPG of this course is 2.8?

    1. He’s definitely qualified for BS Forestry in LB. My son had the same case now graduated and working at a mining company for 2 yrs now.

      1. Gpod evening. My son took the 2020 UPCAT and obtained a UPG pf 2.222. He is a non qualifier with his preferred course in 2 campuses in UP Manila and UP Diliman. Can i possibly make an appeal for him here in Manila campus or instead go for another campus like UPLB. Thanks a lot.

        1. Hi! Unfortunately, you cannot make an appeal for him at UPLB. One of their requirements in making appeal is that the student must have chosen UPLB as campus choice. However, you can make an appeal at UP Manila. Although, there are only a few courses that he can make an appeal to.

  6. Hi! I’m a non-qualifier of the UPCAT 2019 (with a UPG of 2.240) and I just want to ask if they are currently accepting appeals right now? We called UPM a few weeks ago and they told us we should check back in the first week of May. Is the letter I accessed onine considered the NQ slip? or do I have to get it at the admissions office in UPD? And do they ask for an appeal to recon letter? I wouldn’t want to miss the recon process. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi! I am planning to apply for a reconsideration in UPLB. Do we still need to request for the NQ Slip even if it’s already included in the letter that was given to us? Or do we have to personally go to the office of admission to ask for it? Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi as far as I know you’re NQ slip is already the UPG and subtest scores that was sent to you. You can access is through your UPCAT application status in their website.

  7. If I wasn’t able to confirm before the given deadline, wala na ba akong chance to enter UP? I am a qualifier at UPB

  8. Hello,

    I have no offer of admission to any of the degree programs of the two campuses (Diliman & Baguio ) that indicared in my application. My UPG is 2.532., Is it posible to appeal in UP Manila?

  9. Hi, do you have the latest schedule to appeal for NQ? What is the UPG qualification for UP Manila?

  10. My daughter did not pass the UPCAT but her UPG is 2.443. She wants to appeal at UPLB for Bs Biology, however there is the required grades for science but she got only 60. Is there a possibility that she be accepted in bs bio? UPLB is here a second campus of choice. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hi Ruth! Unfortunately, UPLB follows the cutoff scores for reconsideration. You may still try other courses though, or if the score is near the cutoff, you may try to make an appeal.

  11. My daughter did not qualify but her UPG is 2.4 is there any option for her to take to enter Mass Communication in Journalism at UP Diliman

    1. Post

      Hi Rodelia! UP Diliman does not accept appeals unfortunately. You may apply for transfer though after a year of studying in another school. Your daughter just needs to get a GWA of 2.0 then apply for transfer.

  12. Hello, I just wanted to ask is it okay to make an appeal or reconsideration to UP Diliman if my UPG is 2.709?

    1. Post
  13. Hello, my daughter did not pass this UPCAT but has a UPG of 2.7, choice nya UP Clark. But in UP Los Banos pasuk nman ung UPG nya na 2.7……pede ba sya mag apply for recon dun or sa UP CLark? or she can enroll in UPLB? THanks

  14. pwede po bang mag recon sa UPB ang 3.636 na UPG??? at hanggang kailan po ang pwedeng mag appeal??

  15. Good day, my son didn’t pass the 2019 UPCAT qualifiers. But his UPG is 2.330, can he still be reconsidered in his choice of course which is Civil Eng’g at UPLB or he will only be allowed for another choice of course?

    1. Post
  16. My daughter didn’t pass for today’s UPCAT result 2019, but she wants to appeal it coz, her UPG is 2.1625 and according to her 2.2 is the passing UPG for UP Manila. Can she appeal for reconsideration to UP Manila?

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  18. Let’s assume that my first and second choice of campus is UPD and UPM but was not able to reach the minimum UPG, may I take reconsideration to other campuses that are out of my choice?

  19. Hello po one of my friends has submitted his appeal for reconsideration.I would like to ask when will be the released of results.Thank you!

  20. Few says that I can submit my recon thru online. I just have to fill up the form from the UP website and send it via email. But I can’t seem to find it. Can you copy paste the link? 🙁 thank you

    1. Post

      Recon is done personally. You may inquire via email or phone but you have to submit the documents and talk to the respective campus registrar’s office personally.

    1. Post
  21. Hello, Good Morning, Can I ask if UP Diliman will entertain appeals? Because I have a concern regarding with my scholarship. I am a UPCAT qualifier but i am qualified to UP Manila. The scholarship I’ve got only caters BS Accountancy, but then my course in UP Manila isn’t line with it. Help me 🙁

    1. Post

      Yes there are special cases for appeals to different UP campuses. You have to consult with UPD if your case is valid and if there are slots available.

    2. Hi. My son, tool the UPCAT this year and has a similar case with you. Did you appeal and were you able to be qualified to your choice campus and course? My son’s scholarship also calls for his UP Diliman course choice.
      Thank you.

  22. is the UPG only for the UPCAT qualifiers or can non-UPCAT qualifiers also ask for reconsideration? Is it also still available even till this date or would the department of your college course be the one to decide? Really need to know. Thank you

    1. Post

      As stated on the article above (see Item 2 on Reconsiderations and Appeals), reconsideration may be done by non-qualifiers as long as their UPG makes the cutoff set by the respective campus being applied to. You better call the university registrar’s office to find out the deadlines.

  23. Are there any other requirements besides NQ and the UPG in appealing for reconsideration (i.e. birth certificate, and official documents)?

    1. Post

      No additional documents as far as I know. They will tell you during your appeal if ever you need to submit other requirements.

    1. Post

      Your options are:
      – Do not go to college yet and take the UPCAT this September
      – Get good grades from a university and apply for transfer to UP after a year.

      1. Good day ma’am/sir. I took the UPCAT 2020 and obtained 2.71 UPG but did not qualify in my preferred campuses. Since UPLB is my second preferred campus with the UPG cut off of 2.3 – 2.4 according to your website. Will there be a chance that my appeal will be accepted to the course of chemical engineering? Really need to know thankyou

        1. Long shot na yung chemical engineering. Probably you can take agri engineering or biochem rin. for now, mag-recon ka na muna, try your luck. Or yet, get into any course basta makapasok sa UPLB, then transfer ka UPD CHE after a year. Make sure lang na mataas grades mo.

    1. Post
  24. Pano po malalaman which UP campus ang available for appeals? Saan po makikita yung schedule nila?

    1. Post

      Almost all UP campuses are open to appeals (maybe with the exception of UP Diliman due to high demand).

  25. Paano po pag DPWAS?
    and I checked tha available degree programs, wala pong relate sa course ko Accountancy, can I be reconsidered?

    1. Post

      Just ask the registrar if you can opt to wait list. Probably there will be slots that will free up after confirmation.

    2. But, this is highly unlikely. Napaka-in-demand ng BAA and mahaba pila diyan. You can opt to take Business Administration or Business Econ or Econ first then shift ka sa BAA after a year. May mga kilala ako na mga matatas ang GWA noong first year nila kaya nakalipat sila sa BAA. May mga galing Math, PubAd. So, for now, strategically, get into a program you feel na makakabigay sayo ng chance to get high grades, para makapagshift sa BAA

  26. Hello po! Ang UP Office of Admissions po ba ay sa UP Diliman lang or any UP campus?

    1. Post

      Hi Jhoanne! The Office of Admissions is located in UP Diliman only. Other campuses have the Registrar’s Office which takes care of enrollments.

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