Review Masters’ Official Statement on the COVID-19 Situation

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RM Official Statement COVID-19

To our valued parents and students: We hope this finds you well and safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak. This  pandemic has affected all our lives in unexpected ways.  Review Masters is one with the government in putting everyone’s health and safety of utmost importance. Hence, we have decided to postpone all classroom review schedules that are supposed to be held …


UPCAT Reviewer – Compiled UPCAT Questions 2020 (FREE PDF Download)

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Free UPCAT Reviewer pdf

13514SHARESShare on FacebookShare on Twitter (UPDATED April 20, 2020) I’m sure that you are looking for that UPCAT reviewer to help you pass the UPCAT.Getting into the University of the Philippines is the ultimate goal isn’t it? Or probably passing the DCAT, ACET, or USTET and getting into one of the BIG 4 universities, right? That’s why you’re here. You’re looking for that UPCAT …


Computing the UPG for the UPCAT

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UPG Computation

It has been the concern of every UPCAT examinee. You’ve heard of it but it’s still remains a mystery. It’s the UPG. Here are some information to shed some light… UPG, or the University Predicted Grade, is a composite score made up of the applicant’s weighted UPCAT test scores and weighted grades from high school. In addition, other factors like …


Wait List, Reconsideration and Appeal Procedure for UPLB 2019

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Pending Case, Appeals, Reconsiderations

UPLB has released their wait list, reconsideration and appeal procedure this year. Filing of Wait list Applications: starts on April 29, 2019 (Monday). Deadline of Filing Applications: May 17, 2019 (Friday). FLOW CHART OF APPLICATION FOR WAITLIST FOR FIRST SEMESTER 2019-2020 UPLB Waitlist Criteria 2019 Must satisfy the absolute cut-off of 2.800 for wait list applicants Must satisfy the UPG …


Reconsideration, Waitlisting, Pending Case and Cut-offs for UPCAT 2018: How to Go About Them

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Pending Case, Appeals, Reconsiderations

So you’ve taken the UPCAT, seen the results, and got confused.You might be one of those who got a degree program with available slot (DPWAS) as their course.Or maybe one of those who has a pending case.Or worse, you did not see your name on the list.Whatever the case may be, here are some guidelines released by UP to help you …


Choosing the Best UPCAT Review Center: 39 Factors to Consider

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Best UPCAT review center - 39 Factors

Choosing the best UPCAT review center is a very important part of your journey in passing one of the country’s strictest and most challenging entrance exams. Although college review centers do not give you a sure slot in the University of the Philippines’ admission list, it can give you a better chance to succeed by following a review system tailored …


UPCAT 2018 Update: 14,354 Qualifiers and other FAQs Answered by the UP Office of Admissions

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The release of the UPCAT results for 2018 has been quite a hot topic for the past few days.In a Facebook post by UP Regent Atty. Spocky Farolan, Announced that the results will be released on April 30, 2018. He also addressed some of the concerns of netizens about the release of the UPCAT 2018 results.However,  a heated and interesting …