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Don't you wish you could just prepare for the UPCAT and other CETs without the hassle of leaving the house, getting stuck in heavy traffic and braving the risks of the outside world? Then you are going to want to pay VERY close attention to what I would say about the Online UPCAT Review Ultimate Program.

My name is Sir Ian and I'm a mentor of Review Masters. I have been helping students to pass their tests for the past 15 years and what I am about to tell you will give you the edge over your competitors on college entrance tests.

It is the information age. Almost all information is now accessible through the internet. Almost everyone uses the internet. And using the internet to prepare for exams can really give you the advantage.


What is the UPCAT Review PLATINUM Program?

Key Features of the UPCAT Review PLATINUM Program

The UPCAT Review PLATINUM Program Account is the next-level preparation program for college entrance tests pioneered by Review Masters.

It stems from the review course developed in cooperation with former UP professors which has been used by students for over 12 years. It is conducted via the combination of e-learning and traditional classroom teaching. The program utilizes the internet and optimizes the use of e-learning software, Facebook, YouTube to deliver the review. Aside from this, the program also has the offline, traditional learning which ensures full understanding of lessons and discussions.

  • Online Reviewers and Quizzes
  • LIVE Online Classes
  • Video Lessons
  • Forum and Group Discussions
  • Printed review books (NEW!)
  • Exclusive 18 recorded online classes (NEW!)

How is the Online UPCAT Review PLATINUM Program different from the FACE-TO-FACE classroom reviews?

If you ask in terms of the lessons and the coverage of the review course, then there is very little difference between the Online Review and classroom review. They are both diagnostic test based, the lecture is still discussed by UP Professors and a simulation of the UPCAT will also be taken.

The only difference is the method of delivery. The Online UPCAT Review uses video conferencing and e-learning apps to deliver the lesson while the face-to-face classroom review uses the traditional learning set-up with real-life, teacher-student interaction.

In the traditional classroom review, the students will be attending class sessions where they will answer diagnostic exams and then the lecturer would discuss each item of the diagnostic test. If the student has questions, then the teacher will answer the question and have a short clarification of the topic.

The practice test-discussion method has been proven effective over the past and is being used by all review centers. With the PLATINUM program, you can choose learning at the comfort of your home or through the face-to-face classroom review.



The UPCAT review PLATINUM program is unique because instead of just a regular classroom review or an online lecture, you can prepare both ways - attending an actual classroom review and using online tools.

If online, the student may answer the diagnostic test using our e-learning platform. Then each item of the diagnostic test will be discussed, but this time, the discussion will be done either through text, images, videos and live online classes. If it's the face-to-face class, the student also goes through the same process - answer the diagnostic test and the answers are discussed by the students and teacher in real life.

We will even include links to other materials that would make the topic even easier to understand. And, if the student still needs clarifications then he or she may post it in the forum for further discussion.

Key Benefits

  • Access reviewers 24/7
  • Study at your own pace
  • Watch video lessons and class replays anytime

Be fully prepared for the test. now!

Online and Printed Reviewers

With the Online UPCAT Review ULTIMATE Program, you get access to our premium and exclusive reviewers.

When you enroll, you'll get a set of downloadable ebooks and a student kit containing printed review materials. These reviewers were created by UP professors and alumni so you are sure of the quality and reliability.

Online UPCAT Review PlatinumUPCAT Reviewer Online

LIVE Virtual Classes

You might be wondering... how do you conduct classes like the traditional classroom review online?

The answer: Virtual Classes.

The Virtual Classes are live online classes conducted by UP professors through an e-learning platform. You will see the presentation through your screens and hear the professor talk through the speakers or headset. You can then interact with the class through a chat box, participate in the discussions and ask questions in real time.

If ever you miss a class, a recording of the class will be available for viewing afterwards.

With the PLATINUM Program, aside from the regular Virtual Classes, you get extra 18 exclusive recrdings of the Ultimate Reviewer Classes. These knowledge-filled online recorded classes will surely help you get prepared for your CETS. Get that UP quality education at the comfort of your home.


Here's what you're getting...

The UPCAT Review PLATINUM Program is truly one-of-a-kind. No other review center offer this kind of preparation for your entrance exams.

You get premium review materials that you can access 24/7. You get to attend live online review classes. You get access to video lessons and class replays. And you have premium access to chats, forums and discussions with professors and experts.

All these at the comfort and safety of your own homes!

Take your review anywhere, 24/7

Access on any device

Answer reviewers done by experts

Join live online classes

Discuss on groups, forums and other social media platforms

The UPCAT and your other CETs needs more preparation than the traditional classroom review set up. Those who use technology in their review have better chances of passing the exams.

What successful students and parents are saying about the Review Masters review programs...

Ngayon lang ako magkakaroon ng chance na magpasalamat sa mga mentors ng Review Masters. Pasado po ako sa UPCAT at ako po ang nag-iisang UPLB qualifier this year na Oblation Scholar. Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay ang Review Masters!Retz Jossean C. Cornelia
Yay! I made it. UP Los Baños, BS Chemical Engineering (*first choice of course and the only campus choice). I won’t be able to make it without the endless help of this website and everyone here. Yeah, endless talaga. God bless sa lahat and more power to UPCATREVIEW.COMArianne Jayne G. Guba
The Review Masters League is really a big help for me. Without them, and my own perseverance, passing all my entrance exams bigtime (UPCAT,DLSUCET and USTET) would have not been possible. MARAMING SALAMAT SA LAHAT NG MENTORS! God bless sa lahat!Aedrian A. Abrilla
I passed the UPCAT! Thanks to Review Masters. The review materials, virtual classes and the tips helped me a lot. I enjoyed every virtual class because not only you will gain knowledge but you will also have new acquaintances and you’ll surely have fun. Thank you very much Review Masters and more powers to you! 🙂Noriessa May D. Yap
Thank you very much for guiding my son, he has passed the UPCAT, ACET and DSLUCET. And recently, he passed the USTET too!Ging Hilario (parent)
Though I’m from Bulacan, I still took my UPCAT Review Classes at Review Masters Makati, and I have to say it’s worth all the long trips back home everyday for two weeks! RM has very effective methods, especially the Online Review sessions and the 37 Tips Workshop. THANK YOU SO MUCH Ka-TOURS, for helping me pass the UPCAT. I got my first choice campus and first choice course!!! Thank you!!!Katrina Isabel Trillana

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Online UPCAT Review


₱4,997 (EXTENDED! Until July 10, 2020)


UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2018 ONLY! Get EXCLUSIVE access :
- Online Review Portal
- Printed Books
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Online UPCAT Review.

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