Why Should Your Child Take the UPCAT?

by Sir Ian |

UP Oblation - Why take the UPCAT

Every year about 100,000 students take the UPCAT. Why do they take it? Should your child also take it? Below are five reasons why your child should take the UPCAT.

1. The high quality of a UP education

It’s unquestionable. UP is the undisputed premier university in the country. Based on the study conducted by Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), UP is ranked number 1 for several years and up to present. Even international surveys and studies recognize UP as a top university globally.

2. The reasonable expectation of professional success upon graduation

The graduates of UP have constantly ranked high if not topped the examinations given by the Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission. Employers prefer UP graduates over other applicants. A lot of UP alumni hold respectable positions in government agencies, private institutions, and even in NGOs. You can find from different industries successful people who excel in their respective fields who were once UP students dreaming of contributing a positive change to society.

3. Tuition fee in UP is free

Because of the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (also known as Republic Act 10931), UP has no tuition fee. This is for first-time college students (students who does not have a college degree yet).

UP also has the Student Financial Assistance Program. Through this program, students avail of discounted tuition fees to full tuition fee waivers, cash subsidies, according to their individual income brackets.

Do you want your child to study in UP? Make sure that he/she is well prepared for the UPCAT

4. The academic freedom enjoyed by faculty and students alike

Undaunted by any oppression through the years, democracy and freedom remain to be the tool in breaking any barrier to academic advancement. This is why UP students can freely express themselves and have confidence in facing challenges that await them in and out of the UP campus.

5. The UP’s programs accredited nationally and internationally

The Commission on Higher Education has declared UP as a Center of Excellence in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Marine Science, Music, Physics, English, Foreign Languages, Literature, Economics, Industrial Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Communication Arts, Journalism, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Anthropology, History, Filipino, Geology, Medicine, Nursing, Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry Education, Veterinary Education and Fisheries (Source: http://www.up.edu.ph/).

Also, UP has Memoranda of Agreement with various universities in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, making its programs accredited abroad.

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  1. May I ask if I am qualified to take the UPCAT?
    Even if Iam 29 years old . ALS PASSER
    and currently taking up Bachelor in Agricultural Technology.

  2. May i ask? My daughter is currently grade 9 student this school year is she qualified to take the UPCat exam?

  3. Good day! My son just recently transfered from other country to the Philippines for only 2 years and still coping up for with his tagalog… does UPcat includes Filippino subject?

    1. Hi Liz! Yes the UPCAT includes Filipino in the Language Proficiency and Reading Comprehension subtests.

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