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New to We know that you are eager to review using this site. There's a lot of stuff in store for you to help you prepare for the upcoming UPCAT (and other college entrance tests) here. is a community of students that fosters cooperation among its members whose aim is to pass the UPCAT the sure way. Feel welcome. Get to know others and make friends. Enjoy your stay.

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Compiled UPCAT Questions/Review e-books for different subjects

Prepare for college entrance tests using our review materials. This section contains the free volumes of the Compiled UPCAT Questions as well as the premium review materials. These reviewers contain questions that will give you an idea about the coverage of the UPCAT.

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Do you have questions about the UPCAT? The Online UPCAT Review (O.U.R) Forum is a place to discuss your concerns and to learn more about the UPCAT.


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