10 New Year Resolutions for Third Year High School Students

by Sir Ian |

Before 2011 ends, it would be great to contemplate on the changes you want or need to make; especially if you’re a junior high school student who is about to face the greatest challenges of high school life and looking for ways to improve yourself.  Review Masters offers a few more resolutions you might want to add to your list…

1. Procrastinate no more.

Wasting so much time doing trivial things, then cramming for your school assignments or projects during the last minute might just be too bad a habit to break. But hey, it’s about time you change your old ways of doing things. If you’re going to start the transition from high school to college, then it should be RIGHT NOW! A conscious effort of doing things ahead of time requires a lot of will power. But we’re pretty sure that it’s going to make things a lot easier and a lot better for you. Always invest the time to do your best!

2. Make having good grades a commitment.

It’s not about your parents being proud of you. Nor is it about proving to your friends (or enemies) that you can be an academically good student. It’s about doing the right and the best thing. This is why you are called a student – you attend classes to learn; and if you’ve truly learned, it translates to good (and sometimes, excellent) grades. Grades are not everything, but committing yourself to achieve better grades is an achievement in itself.

3. Refrain from doing everything.

We know that high school students are damn busy in a lot of extra-curricular activities: intrams, JS Prom, science projects, club committees, etc. Since the school year is about to end in three months, make it a point to know your priorities and choose to focus on just a few things so that you would excel in; instead of diluting your energy and time to doing a lot of things and produce only mediocre outputs. Come June 2012, as a senior high, you’ll no longer be “Jack of all trades and master of nothing,” but is instead a focused student who’s willing to stick to something and make the most of it.


4. Create a To-Be-List and a To-Do-List.

Start to think of your future career and of your future college course. If you want to be somebody – a lawyer, an engineer, or a doctor – then your actions must be in accordance to your dream profession. That is why aside from making a to-do-list, you must make a to-be-list, first and foremost. It will guide and inspire you in your daily actions as reflected in your planner or diary.

5. Review for college entrance tests early.

Since you’re already thinking of your future, you must prepare at the soonest time possible. Wait too long and you won’t get the necessary advantage over the other hopefuls who plan to take the same course that you want to. We must warn you that in the Philippines, admission to prestigious universities is a fierce competition. Kaya daig ng maagap ang masipag.

6. Research, research, research.

Google is your best friend here. Since you are about to take college admission tests in the early part of your senior year, you better start surfing the net to know the what, the where, the how, and the whys of taking the tough tests. From this site alone (www.upcatreview.com), you’re going to learn tons of helpful information about the entrance tests. So browse, click, read and enjoy!

7. Face new challenges with open arms.

Ending the Junior year and welcoming your Senior status means plenty of new experiences. Welcome those opportunities and believe that those new things will teach you and make you a better student. It will also be your chance to discover exactly what you want to do and to start narrowing down your interests. It’s high time to spread your wings!

8. Be excited about the transition.

You’re about to reach the pinnacle of your high school life. Aren’t you excited? You must consistently and constantly motivate yourself to be driven to do your best as you: learn new things, accept new responsibilities and think of your future. Have a great time in doing all these and enjoy the transition!

9. Listen to the experts.

If you’re still confused or uncertain about your plans regarding your future, please don’t just go with the flow. You shouldn’t just heed advice from your peers as they are likely as unsure as you are. The school’s guidance personnel are trained to assess your strengths and weaknesses and they can tell you your best career path to take. You may also ask certain organizations about the best schools and the best courses fitted for you. Review Masters offer free online career guidance for students like you.

10. Stop doubting yourself.

If you doubt your own God-given talent and your own skills and abilities, you will only hold back the possibility of achieving the things you want to achieve. Start believing in yourself and in your potential to shine. 2012 is going to be a very fruitful year for you – just erase all of your doubts.

HAPPY 2012!

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