Online Learning: The Undeniable and Integral Part of Education in Today’s Modern Times

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Online Learning

Have you ever experienced this: You go to class. You listen to a lecture of your teacher. And you did not understand anything he/she said.

So you go to YouTube and watch a video, trying to learn on your own what your teacher taught you in class.

Surprise! You learned the lesson in only a few minutes.

Or how about this: Have you watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube?

You watch it, follow as instructed and… TADA! You get great blending and highlights on your face.

Of course the latter question is directed to girls and maybe the results of your makeup is not as expected.  But you get the idea.

Just by watching a video or reading an e-book or listening to a podcast, you learn something. And it’s very practical, effective and accessible.

Online Learning: An Alternative Way to Learn.

It’s undeniable that we already live in a connected and hi-tech world. And online learning has slowly crept in our education system.

Traditional learning centers and institutions started to implement and share their online class and review programs.

Online learning allows the traditional learning institutions the ability to expand their curriculum as well as their programs. It is critical to consider this new kind of learning so one can be better prepared and embrace this kind of learning setting. This new method of learning can be a highly effective alternative to traditional education.

There are varieties of online learning though. Students should look after the identifiable factors which are common to all types before enrolling in any program or course. The students should assess each program; what is the most interesting and that fits their lives or future careers.

Online learning is a is a great alternative learning to the conventional learning, especially for those students who do not have time and enough funds to take learning center-based programs.

Students of today’s society possesses technological skills needed to fully function in their lives in the academe because there is an array of mobile applications, web applications and online platforms to consider in order to harness their best in digital technology to improve learning.

Creating a digital framework is very important as this is to build a digital space and capacity for both students and educators. This is an effective tool for the depth of skills needed for digital proficiency. Also, this will serve as a good starting point to plan and organize on how to advance the skills of a student and professional development for educators.

In spite of that, online learning is still related to conventional. There are still people think that students learning online are not smart enough and they maybe lazy and so these claims to discourage some students from learning online. But some studies speaks that online education is totally worth the effort. There are online programs and even courses that are convenient and quite cheaper than in a habitual education. Many conventional learning centers, colleges and universities were a bit skeptical of of this method of learning most especially when it was infancy days. But today, more than 80% believe that online learning programs are equal to those of the conventional.

Online learning is a is a great alternative learning to the conventional learning, especially for those students who do not have time and enough funds to take learning center-based programs.

Why Online Learning?

In Review Masters, our experience is that the online review is an essential part of the review program due to several reasons:

  1. The online review serves as a support platform to the face to face classroom review. A student who need to study again a lesson may just go online and review that particular lesson.
  2. The online review is accessible 24/7 anywhere. As long as you have a device connected to the internet, whether is a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you may access the review materials anytime, anywhere.
  3. With the live online classes, students may ask teachers questions in real time and interact with other students from different parts of the country.
  4. The online review is a separate review program in itself that is complete and effective. We had students before who were not able to attend the physical classroom but were still able to review effectively and pass their examinations.
  5. The online review matches the learning style of the current generation of students. Students today are now known as “digital learners”. They learn through the use of multimedia, websites and other digital technology aside from the traditional and conventional medium of instruction. The online review fills in this gap in the college entrance test preparation program.
  6. Taking online reviews is cheaper than traditional reviews. With an online review program, students don’t have to spend for transportation, food and allowance as they take the review.
  7. Students may study at their own pace. The online review allows students to review at the convenience of their own time. Students may watch the videos lessons whenever they want, and take the practice tests during their spare time.

Truly, online learning is the next wave in education in these modern times. It will continue to evolve and will be integral in every education system in the future.

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