A Simple UPCAT Preparation Guide

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A lot of students who are preparing for the UPCAT ask us for tips and advice on how they can pass the exam. I believe, your performance in the UPCAT will be affected largely by the preparation you do months before the test day. So we have written a simple guide on how to go about your UPCAT and other college entrance test preparation:

1. Assess what you know first.

It is a lot easier to get to your destination if you know where you are first. Thus, it is very important that you know what you know and what you don’t know before you prepare for college entrance examinations. You have to identify your strengths and weaknesses. An assessment test would be a great help to gauge your skills.

2. Study the topics that need patching up
After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to bridge the so called “learning gaps”. Study the concepts that you have not yet mastered. A diagnostic test would be of great help to identify your learning gaps.

3. Refresh the topics that you already know.
You already know a lot of subject matter because of your stay in school for several years. That information is just stored up there in your brain… you just need a good system to retrieve that information. Some good reviewers, a nice review center (if you can attend one), an online support and a lot of practice and hard work should do the trick.

4. Practice, practice, practice.
Treat the UPCAT as a game. The more you practice, the better you get. Answer as many review materials as you can. Improve your score on every test. You can actually practice using the Free Online Review or you can enroll in the full Online UPCAT Review program to access more materials.

5. Know the UPCAT.
To conquer an opponent in any battle, you must first know it well. The UPCAT is not just about academic stuff… a lot of things has to be considered… your high school grade, the campus that you want to go to, the course that you will take, the University Predicted Grade (UPG) computation, etc. Know the basic facts about the UPCAT. Research. Ask questions.

6. Consult experts.
Ask people who have reliable knowledge about the UPCAT. The more information you have about the UPCAT, the higher your chances of passing. UPCATreview.com has a community of people – teachers and students as well – who share with one another information about college entrance tests. The site also has an Online UPCAT Review (OUR) Program which is designed to cater the needs of students who are to take college entrance exams. This website has a forum dedicated to the UPCAT Review topics. Join the discussions and experience the benefits.

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