UP Waitlist Procedure

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Only those who satisfy the UPG, set subtest scores and have indicated

UPLB as campus choice may apply for the wait list.

source: uplb.edu.ph

File application at Window No. 1 of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR)starting on March 1, 2012 (Th). Deadline of filing applications is on April 13, 2012 (F).

1) Fill up Wait List Form which will serve as the application form (download from this link). Also submit a photocopy of notice of UPCAT results (i. e. with Subtest percentile rank scores).

2)For those who qualified to other campus, proceed to Window No. 2 for the list of possible courses to apply to based on subtest scores.

3) Indicate two priority degree programs that satisfy the minimum criteria of UPLB and the criteria set by the various colleges (UPG, campus choice and subtest scores). Please see Table 1.

3) Also indicate name of parents, contact address and telephone number (landline/mobile).

Check the OUR bulletin board for names of applicants who are required to report to the college(s) concerned for interview by May 15, 2012 (T).

Based on the degree program(s) applied to,proceed to the college(s) for interview starting May 16 (W) to May 17 (Th), 2012.

Follow-up result on May 24, 2012 (W).Check the OUR bulletin board for announcements on applicant who are offered available slots.

Get notice of admission and registration instructions at Window No. 2, OUR on May 29, 2012 (T).

2011 UPLB Waitlist Criteria

    1. Minimum Criteria : UPG of at least 2.800 and had chosen UPLB Campus
    1. College Criteria :
COLLEGE Program Language Proficiency Reading Comprehension Math Science Additional Requirements

BS Agriculture

60 60 Interview
BS Food Technology 75 75 Interview
BS Agricultural Biotechnology 75 75 Interview & BSA or BSFT as 2nd chioce
Arts and Sciences BA Communication Arts 80 80 60 60 interview
BA Philosophy 80 80 60 60 interview
BA Sociology 70 70 60 50 interview
BS Applied Mathematics 50 50 85 interview
BS Applied Physics 50 50 85 80 interview
BS Biology 70 70 70 75
BS Chemistry 70 70 80 80
BS Computer Science 75 85 85
BS Mathematics 50 50 85 interview
BS Mathematics and Science Teaching 50 50 50 50 interview
BS Statistics 70 70 interview
CA-CAS BS Agricultural Chemistry (5 yrs) 70 70 80 80
Development Communication BS Development Communication 80 70 50 50 interview
Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology BS Agricultural Engineering (5 yrs) 80 80 interview
BS Chemical Engineering (5 yrs) 80 80 interview
BS Civil Engineering (5 yrs) 60 60 80 80 interview
BS Electrical Engineering (5 yrs) 80 80 interview
BS Industrial Engineering (5 yrs) 60 50 80 80 interview
Economics and Management BS Agribusiness Management 70 70 70 70 interview
BS Economics 70 70 75 70 interview
BS Agricultural Economics UPG of 2.75 or better interview
Forestry and Natural Resources BS Forestry UPG of 2.800 or better interview
Human Ecology BS Human Ecology UPG of 2.75 or better interview
BS Nutrition UPG of 2.75 or better interview
Veterinary Medicine D Veterinary Medicine (6 yrs) 60 60 interview

UP Mindanao Waitlist Procedure

UPCAT qualifiers who were accepted by other UP constituent universities but prefer to study in the region for economic reasons can apply as a waitlisted applicant in UP Mindanao. In addition, UPCAT non-qualifiers who got a University Predicted Grade (UPG) of 2.8 or better can apply for waitlisting in UP Mindanao. Interested students may call the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) at telephone no. (082)293-0201 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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