5 Reasons Why Reviewing Two Days Before The UPCAT Is Bad

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We’ve all heard it being said over and over again. Studying two days, or worse, the night before the UPCAT is bad! Never ever do it! But have you ever pondered why it’s so bad as it’s often said.


Well, here are a number of different reasons why reviewing 2 days before the UPCAT stinks:


1) The UPCAT is not the same as your long test or periodical exam in school.

Yes, you can cram for your school tests because you’re only studying a month’s worth of lessons. In the UPCAT, you need to consider three years worth of high school lessons, topics, concepts, formulas, and the list goes on.


2) You can’t be smarter in a matter of 2 days or one night.

So avoid information overload. You’ve studied high school in the past three years, right? If you failed to prepare for the UPCAT in the past months, consider your three years in high school as your best preparation for the UPCAT.


3)  If ever you’ve prepared long enough (say, starting last summer vacation), then there’s really no need to have a last-minute review.

It would just be so unfortunate if you’ll lose all those hard work and effort to prepare for the UPCAT just because you’ve forced yourself to gain a little more. That little gain may translate to big loss and you might turn out to be the UPCAT’s biggest loser!


4) There is real danger when you try to study more.

Your confidence that you’ve built may just erode in a snap especially when you encounter hard questions during your last-minute cramming. Those difficult questions (which is only 20% of the UPCAT) will increase your test anxiety – which is the number one killer in college entrance tests, especially the UPCAT.


5) I couldn’t have said it any more simpler. It doesn’t work, no matter how good you can absorb information, it simply doesn’t work!

A recent study by Jeffrey Ellenbogen of Harvard Medical showed that students who were given rest the night before could recall 76% of the test material while those who had gone without shut-eye only remembered 32%. Statistics are very powerful and convincing.

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