OUR Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

  • To build a community that is helping one another to pass the UPCAT the sure way.

Our Vision

UPCATreview.com sees itself:

  • as an interactive community where quality UPCAT Review is made highly accessible to everyone at a very affordable rate.
  • as a hub of people where future UP students are trained to develop the UP culture of excellence, self-reliance, cooperation, volunteerism and selflessness.

UPCATreview.com is not just about the teachers, the students nor the administrators… it’s about EVERYONE!

We help one another to advance ourselves.
We care for each other.
We push each one to do his best.

We look forward and claim that we are all UPCAT passers. We will be a force in the college entrance preparation world that it will be impossible to ignore us. We will do all that it takes to pass the UPCAT the sure way!

This is OUR mission. This is OUR vision. This is OUR site. Atin ‘to!

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