OUR Evolution

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It all started with a dream.

Back in January 2008 the pioneering mentors of Review Masters League (RML) launched upcatreview.com as an online support to the elite members of RML. The results were astonishing! The Forum site became so alive by April 2008 and the threads did not only cover UPCAT-related topics but ranged from lovelife to music; games to anything that interests the new breed of teenagers today – the i-generation. Since then, upcatreview.com has become the undisputed number 1 in the ranking among all the results in any search engine when one types “upcat review”.

We simply could not ignore the fact that the i-generation, being technologically savvy, is the most informed and knowledgeable generation of our time. We wanted to grab this opportunity to affect the lives of the i-gen using their primary strength and hangout – the internet! And since our mission is to help the most number of students qualify to the most sought-after educational institution in the country – the University of the Philippines, upcatreview.com evolved into a highly-interactive site that offers all possible help to any UPCAT aspirant. And to genuinely reach out to the maximum number of UPCAT dreamers, we made it a point to give free materials, free consultations, and even free online review. And then OL-UP (Online UPCAT Review) was born. This is the closest program we could offer that is comparable to a classroom UPCAT Review. At a very affordable rate, those who could not pay for an expensive classroom UPCAT review now has the choice to enroll in the online review.

As early as January 2009, several UPCAT dreamers had already enrolled in the online review. And weekly, the number of registered users of upcatreview.com is increasing at an accelerating rate. The number has increased by more than 1,000%! And the great news is – these users have adapted the bayanihan culture of helping one another achieve one common goal: to pass the UPCAT the Sure Way! Imagine that you can find all the help you need from fellow UP aspirants, previous UPCAT takers, and UP professors and graduates! The community is becoming larger and larger and we recognize the need to give a name to this community of believers. Thus, OUR Community is born. OL-UP now becomes OUR Program. OUR loyal members are now called collectively as ka-Tropang Online UPCAT Review, or simply, ka-TOUR’s. OUR goal is really to cultivate among ka-TOUR’s the UP culture of excellence, self-reliance, cooperation, volunteerism and selflessness.

Mga ka-TOUR’s , upcatreview.com is OUR site. Invite your friends and loved ones to join OUR Community! Let’s help one another reach your dream – OUR dreams! Atin ‘to!

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