This Video of UPLB Will Mesmerize You

by Sir Ian |

In the past few years, the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) campus has been a cradle of negative news which affected the campus’ image.

This video of UPLB says otherwise. This is the UPLB we know. A beautiful and peaceful campus. Just watch and see for yourself. Who knows? You might be writing it as your first choice campus in you application form.

The video was made by Darryl Santos, a freelance web developer and videographer. You can check more of his work at his Tumblr page.

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    1. You messaged me via Twitter asking for me to RT your post which I did. I then stumbled upon this blog and read a few postings. I have to say your quotes and words made me feel better tonight. I’ve been tested myself lately and going through some issues that shall soon pass. Just wanted to let you know that your writings touched me and I was glad to see another young person thinking the same way as me. It’s difficult to find in today’s society…

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