UPCAT Tips Issue 4

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Issue #4

The Secrets Why Some Average Students Were Able to Pass the UPCAT – the Sure Way!

Part 2

Secret #2 Now that you are ready to receive the reward of passing the UPCAT, the next step is to develop a very important habit that every average student can acquire easily for this habit does not require a superior intelligence, any academic achievement, and a great time or effort. Now, before I share with you this simple but badly-needed habit, let me tell you another story…

If you were still amazed with the story of my son in the previous issue, then this time, you might not believe anymore. This is the story of another successful UPCAT examinee who developed the habit that I would be sharing with you later. He is a classmate and a close friend of my son.

Like my son, this fellow has a lot of extra-curricular activities in and out of their school campus. He is also a basketball varsitarian. He plays DOTA much longer than my son does. He plays the guitar for their school band. Every now and then, he courts the pretty girls around. He is a certified “gimikero“unlike my son who is a home-buddy.

The real difference between the two is that though my son did not belong to the top five of their class, he still was able to land a spot in the honor roll while this classmate of his never became an honor student during his four years in high school. And believe it or not, this kid’s name belongs to the list of qualifiers in the recent UPCAT Results.

But you might say, “There are some schools wherein a lot of their students qualify for UP even though many of those students are not honor students.” True. But according to statistics, those schools with a lot of UPCAT qualifiers year after year are either UP-administered schools (e.g.UP Rural High School), national high schools (e.g.Para

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