UPCAT Tips Issue 3

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Issue #3

The Secrets Why Some Average Students Were Able to Pass the UPCAT – the Sure Way!

Part 1

The Secrets – No More! I really waited for the UPCAT Results to be released before I share these secrets so that I could personally testify to everyone that these secrets really work! Do you know why? Because one of the tens of thousands of examinees in the most recent UPCAT was my son.

You see, my son is not included in the top 5 of their class. He is currently studying in a public high school. He is a basketball varsity player. He is so much addicted to online games (ooops, sorry son, I have to mention it). He has a very colorful lovelife (ooops, sorry again). He is a very typical high school dude that majority of you could relate to.

But I tell you, he has been applying the secrets eversince they were shared by Review Masters to all the UPCAT reviewees last review season. He even topped most of his exams in Calculus, Statistics and Physics lately by habitually applying those secrets. And just today, the UPCAT Results were released online and guess what? My son qualified in his first choice of campus (U.P. Los Ba

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