UPCAT Tips Issue 5

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Issue #5

The Secrets Why Some Average Students Were Able to Pass the UPCAT – the Sure Way!

Part 3

Secret #3 Did you know that every human being is a genius? Every child born on earth has an innate ingenuity. But majority of humanity do not know this. Majority of them were raised to believe that each one’s mind differs from another in terms of capacity and capability primarily due to genetics. Many believe that there are people who were born with superior intelligence carried in their genetic make-up. Perhaps genes have something to do with man’s intelligence, but not to a large extent. It is not true that Chinese are good in Math because they are Chinese. A lot of Chinese people excel in Math because they know Secret #3. So how does one become a genius? How can you unleash the genius in you? This is our Secret #3…

Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb, stated the best definition of “genius”. He said,

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

What did he exactly mean by that? To unleash the genius in us, we have to work on it persistently (remember the Habit of Persistence). We only need a little inspiration to motivate us and a lot of work to master the things that we need to master. Throughout the history of mankind across the globe, those who were classified as geniuses because they had contributed a lot of beneficial ideas and things to the world through their inventions, scientific findings, technological breakthroughs and even spiritual and supernatural concepts, did not reach their goals at a snap of their fingers! They weren’t able to accomplish things successfully overnight. They had to persevere to gain perfection. They had to discipline themselves to produce excellent results. They had to unceasingly ask for wisdom from the Infinite Intelligence to give them the mastery of their chosen fields of endeavor.

Now, what can we learn from these so-called “geniuses’? For you to be able to pass the UPCAT the sure way, you need to…

Practice, Practice, Practice. You can be a genius even if you’re just an average student in your school. If you’re already psyched-up and emotionally ready to pass the UPCAT (as you’ve learned from the previous issues, then it’s time for you to ACT! There’s a truth in the saying that “Action speaks louder than words.” It’s time for you to unleash the genius in you!

There’s no really time to spare since it’s only a few months before the UPCAT. The only way to beat other aspiring UPCAT applicants is for you to play it smart. Yes, you need to think of the UPCAT as a game. Those of you who play online games (a.k.a. DOTA) or even ball games like basketball, can testify that a lot of practice, a lot of work, discipline and conditioning are needed to become an expert in any game that you play. This is also very true for UPCAT. The more you “play” UPCAT, the better your performance in the UPCAT will be. If you plan to “play” UPCAT a few weeks or days before the scheduled UPCAT in early August, forget about it! You won’t be able to get the much needed edge over your fellow competitors. You need to “play” UPCAT NOW and everyday thereafter. You need to “play” as many UPCATs as possible so that come the actual UPCAT time, you are more prepared than anybody else. Again, there is no more time to spare. The desire is in you. You’ve already received by faith that you already passed the UPCAT. So you should not waste any time just believing that you could make it. You have to allot some precious quality time, say 30 minutes or just one hour a day, to practice, practice, and practice!

Here are some practical suggestions that you can follow (these are what our hundreds of average students did to pass the UPCAT the sure way):

ACT NOW Option#1. Purchase UPCAT Reviewers from the bookstores. Answer just one section (or 50 items) a day every other day. Self-check your answer using the score key. For the items that you failed to answer correctly, analyze and research for the correct explanation (use references such as your textbooks or the internet). If you can do this without faltering until the week before the UPCAT, you might have been able to answer more than a thousand questions already.

ACT NOW Option#2. Hire professional tutors preferably experts in college entrance exams and make regular appointments (thrice a week) with them to personally train you for the UPCAT. This suggestion is helpful especially if you don’t have a very strong study habit. You will be “forced” to have the habit until it is already in your system. But if your budget allows it, extend the tutorial sessions until late July.

ACT NOW Option#3. Enroll in the Online UPCAT Review Program. The beauty of enrolling now is that you would get a distant headstart against your fellow competitors. This is because a lot of them would be cramming for the UPCAT review when you have already passed midway of your training. Once enrolled, you can download all the ten volumes of the Compiled UPCAT Questions. You can practice anytime you want right at the comfort of your home. You can consult and post questions online through our live UPCAT Forum. You can have all the explanations presented via YouTube or SlideShare. You can also chat with the mentors via Skype. You will get the benefits of Options 1 and 2 plus a lot more! This is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. You are going to the biggest war you would ever fight. So you have to prepare not tomorrow, not next week or next month, but NOW!




In my next issue, I will tackle some test-taking skills that you need to master for you to ace any multiple-choice type of exams. You can apply these tips to the multiple-choice tests that you still have to take in your respective schools. These tips helped average students to score higher in the UPCAT. So don’t miss it!


Helping you pass the UPCAT the Sure Way,

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