UPCAT Tips Issue 8

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Issue #8

How to Ace Any Multiple-Choice Test Like the UPCAT

Part 3
I had been a proctor of the UPCAT for so many years that I already memorized parts of the script that we, UPCAT Examiners, were required to read verbatim. Yes, the UPCAT has a script. And during the briefing of proctors and examiners, it is always emphasized that we could not deviate from the script and we must read it word for word. What is interesting about the script is that it somehow gives the examinees some tips on how to score better in the UPCAT but due to a lot of test anxiety factors, we observe that those freely-given tips do not sink-in to the minds of the test-takers. So while the UPCAT is still weeks to go, I would like to share with you a part of the UPCAT script that would help you answer as many items in the UPCAT as possible given a very limited time. This is our…

Test-Taking Strategy #3.

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