Review Masters’ Official Statement on the COVID-19 Situation

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RM Official Statement COVID-19

To our valued parents and students: We hope this finds you well and safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak. This  pandemic has affected all our lives in unexpected ways.  Review Masters is one with the government in putting everyone’s health and safety of utmost importance. Hence, we have decided to postpone all classroom review schedules that are supposed to be held …


11 Ways to Prepare for the UPCAT and other College Entrance Tests Without Leaving Your Home

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Stay at home UPCAT CET preparation

You home?! Most probably. The COVID-19 crisis has affected our day-to-day lives and disrupted the way we do things dramatically. Staying at home for the moment is the safest way to avoid getting infected. However, we will eventually recover and move on with our lives. And one thing is certain – there will be college entrance tests (CETs) in a …


Reconsideration, Waitlisting, Pending Case and Cut-offs for UPCAT 2018: How to Go About Them

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Pending Case, Appeals, Reconsiderations

So you’ve taken the UPCAT, seen the results, and got confused.You might be one of those who got a degree program with available slot (DPWAS) as their course.Or maybe one of those who has a pending case.Or worse, you did not see your name on the list.Whatever the case may be, here are some guidelines released by UP to help you …

Day of the UPCAT

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Items Needed for Admission to the Test Center   Test Permit. Whether you register for the UPCAT online, in person, or  through snail mail or the faster delivery service, you should have received your UPCAT Test Permit, and you must take the Test Permit with you to the test center. Your Test Permit contains the following pertinent information: identification number, …

One Week Before the UPCAT

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One quick note on UPCAT crammers – unless you haven't reviewed for very long at all, I'd argue that within the week of the UPCAT, it's tough to "get smarter". Today, tomorrow…you can learn some new things. But the week before UPCAT? You only risk wearing your stamina thin or wrecking your confidence by stressing about something that you're struggling …