5 Techniques to Remember Everything You Learn

by Ian Escamos |

After a class with your teacher or a seminar you attended, how much do you really remember? I won’t be surprised if you answered “a little” or “none at all.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have been learning our whole lives; our entire childhood was spent in school. We attended class, listened to lectures, answered our assignments and took …


Partial List of High Schools Offering Senior High School Released

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According to the Department of Education (DepEd), the partial list of high schools that will offer senior high school (SHS) is now available for download. DepEd released the partial list online, composed of DepEd and non-DepEd schools, technical vocational institutions (TVIs), higher education institutions (HEIs), state universities and colleges (SUCs). DepEd Secretary Br. Armin Luistro issued a statement that the …

UPCAT to be ‘Reinvented’

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According to a statement by UP Vice President for Academic Affairs Gisela Concepcion last April 14, the UPCAT will be ‘reinvented’ to assess higher skills of graduates of Grade 12. “UPCAT, our admissions exam in UP, will be reinvented to be able to assess higher skills: knowledge, values, skills and competencies of our senior high school graduates from grade 12,” …

Employers Prioritize This In A Fresh Grad’s Resume – And It’s Not Your Grades Or Your Alma Mater

by Ian Escamos |

In the previous article (READ: Top 12 Universities Favored By Companies And Employers), we mentioned that the school where a job applicant came from still matters. However, according to the Jobs and Salary Report 2015 by Jobstreet.com, the school you came from is NOT the number one basis for acceptance. Your grades is not at the top either. If you …

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

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Graduation season – it’s the time of the year when we welcome the new recruits to the world of employment. After graduation, fresh grads prepare their resumes and apply to different companies. And with job applications come the important concern of most applicants, if not all – the salary. Jobstreet.com released their recent report about the top 10 fields and …

DepEd Releases Official School Calendar For School Year 2015-2016

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DepEd School Calendar SY 2015-2016

The Department of Education has released the official school calendar for School Year 2015-2016. Secretary of Education Armin Luistro issued Department Order No. 9, s. 2015, which states that the official school year begins on June 1, 2015 and ends April 1, 2016. Heads of public and private elementary and secondary institutions nationwide are directed to follow the school calendar …